Cabinet Awayday in Dover

Dover Cabinet Awayday 001On Monday, I joined my Cabinet colleagues aboard a bus at County just after 8am, bound for the coast.  We were spending a day in Dover as part of our “Cabinet Awayday” programme, where Leader Paul Carter, his nine Cabinet Members and our senior team of Directors look around an area, taking briefings and meeting local KCC staff and residents, before we meet formally in the afternoon.

What began as an overcast and rainy day slowly brightened up, and by lunchtime we basked in warm sunshine.  We had toured around new social care developments, schools, consytruction sites and the rail station, and the weather brightened just in time for us to visit the fortifications at Western Heights.  I was really pleased that, having been shown this magical place almost a year ago, my Cabinet colleagues were now able to share the experience.

After meeting local District Councillors over lunch, we convened in the Council Chamber at Dover District Council where we held our formal KCC Cabinet meeting.  These Cabinet Awaydays are an excellent way to see the length and breadth of this great county, and a useful way for local communities to engage with KCC.  I look forward to the next one!


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