Poking fun? Hysterical.

According to makers Simply Drinks in Hawkhurst “…it’s a high energy drink with a lemon fizz”.  It contains twice the caffeine of Red Bull, and it’s targeted to 18 to 35 year olds “with a sense of humour”.

But whilst the drink itself may be innocuous enough, the name “Simply Cocaine” is just inappropriate.  It’s clearly working – in the same way that the Sex Pistols effed and blinded through their Bill Grundy interview on Thames Television back in the seventies, and became overnight celebrities because of it.  I don’t know who’s more at fault – the manufacturers for naming the drink in this way, or the media for serving their master plan by publicising it.

The owner of the company says in today’s Kent on Saturday “The name’s a shock tactic and is just poking fun – everyone wants to make some money in this current economic climate and customers love it, it’s flying off the shelves”.

Simply Cocaine – poking fun? Hysterical.


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