Put someone in who understands transparency

Did anyone see Trevor Phillips on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday? What an out of touch, arrogant individual he is.  Marr repeatedly questioned the relevance of the £70m Equalities and Human Rights Commission over which Trevor Phillips has presided – on a salary of £120,000 – since the demise of his previous quango, the Commission for Racial Equality.

He questioned how long the quango would survive given a change of Government, and Phillips ducked, dived, bobbed and weaved, demonstrating the same self-confessed naivety he showed recently when awarding a £308,000 contract (for which the budget was just £30,000) to an old chum from his television days.

According to a source at the Commission Mr Phillips engages in “sofa politics” where he doesn’t see anything wrong in giving jobs to ‘mates’.  Frankly, the equality and diversity agenda is too important to be led by someone like Trevor Phillips. I’m not saying the EHRC should be dissolved, but I am saying it’s time to move Mr Phillips on and put someone in who understands transparency.


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