Don’t try this at home!

Colts Hill closure Sept 09

During the recent election campaign, I was contacted by a constituent who lives on Colts Hill. He told me he was appalled by the state the road surface had got into, with worn patches, cracks, and potholes up and down its length.  He’d written to Kent Highways, but just so they would see his point, he had walked up and down Colts Hill highlighting the faults himself with aerosol paint.

Now I don’t condone his behaviour which undoubtedly put him in danger. Nor will I name him, as that might land him in trouble.  But coming home last evening, I noticed that Colts Hill will be closed off for seven nights from 1st September from 7pm until 5am so that Kent Highways can fully resurface the whole length of the road. The new surface will have higher friction, meaning safer and smoother journeys for the thousands of vehicles which use the route every day.

I’m sure it’s just a happy coincidence that the road is now being resurfaced and not because my constituent highlighted the faults – so if you’re thinking of reaching for that spray can, don’t try this at home!


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