The crimes they are a changing

It was bound to happen – insurance companies are now considering “reviewing standard risk indicators” – that’s hiking premiums to you and me – for users of social networking sites.  Well, if you’re daft enough to include your home address on your site, then use something like Twitter to tell the world in advance that you’re going away on business or holiday, it’s no surprise if your property gets burgled.

The “Digital Criminal Report” written for insurance giant Legal and General by reformed criminal Michael Fraser explains that out of 2000 social network site users it polled, nearly four out of five had posted details of their holiday plans in advance, and three out of ten advertised their intention to go away for the weekend.

It’s no surprise really that as our society becomes increasingly reliant on technology for every facet of modern life – including online friends and conversation – we really need to be more aware that what we commit to our screens on our lap is actually committed to anyone and everyone across the globe.


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