Norman Baker MP – tireless champion of the trip hazard

I notice that Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker is tirelessly campaigning against East Sussex County Council for adequate maintenance of footpaths.  He claims on today’s Meridian news that people are tripping over uneven pavements and unmade roads around Seaford, and that the £700,000 paid in compensation could be better spent on maintenance.

You can tell that Parliament is in recess when MPs have to look into local government business for their next cause celebre.  It also speaks volumes about the effectiveness of the East Sussex Liberal Democract County Councillors, who now number thirteen of the forty nine total.

Surely the talented and dedicated Mr Baker could find something closer to Westminster to occupy his holiday month?  Particularly now as his website proclaims, “Norman Baker is back in the Shadow Cabinet” – though we don’t know quite where as the link to his press release doesn’t work…

Or perhaps he’s getting some practice for a career move back to his old local government seat of Telscombe in case he loses Lewes at the General Election?


One Response to Norman Baker MP – tireless champion of the trip hazard

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