Funny thing, fate

Since my youngest had been invited to spend the day with a friend, I took my eldest down to Brighton. I know, we only went there a week or two ago, but when your teenage daughter is a self-confessed Primark fanatic and there’s a brand new super-size Primark store in Brighton, that’s where we needed to be.

The weather was sweltering, the town centre was crammed and we had a great time, finishing off with fish and chips for lunch we drove back to Tunbridge Wells.

This evening, I met some friends in Pembury to deliver some leaflets, and left around 7.30 to drive home. Driving along the A21 my steering suddenly went and the car filled with the smell of burning rubber, followed by the familiar ‘slap slap slap’ of a flat tyre.

When I pulled over and took off the wheel, the whole tyre wall had come away from the wheel rim! Fortunately, I managed to change the wheel, put on the temporary spare and get home, but I can’t help but thank my lucky stars that I wasn’t doing seventy back from Brighton with my daughter next to me.

Funny thing, fate…


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