It’s the least they could do

No sooner had the death toll of British soldiers in Afghanistan reached two hundred, than news broke of  the 201st death – a soldier serving with the 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers has been killed by an improvised explosive device whilst on foot patrol in Sangin.

Reaction has been mixed, ranging between hardened resolve that we are totally justified in deploying our servicemen and women in this war, to disbelief that the British Government can keep sending young men and women to their deaths with little apparent outcome.

Whatever your own point of view, I was somewhat surprised to see Second World War forces sweetheart Vera Lynn, now in her nineties, announcing in a recent interview with The Times that in her view the war in Afghanistan “makes no sense”.  She questions the lack of real communication from Government about their reasons for deployment, and is angered by recent attempts by the Ministery of Defence to reduce the amount of compensation to injured servicemen.

Against recent stories of lack of equipment and reduced resources for our troops during this war, surely we should all at least be told what the Government’s longer term strategy is?  It’s the least they could do for the hundreds of brave men and women prepared to risk their lives every hour of every day, and the families they leave behind back in the UK.


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