Nice work if you can get it

I see the courts have today upheld an appeal by a driver against the London Borough of Camden, that the 1.3% surcharge he was subjected to by paying his parking fine by credit card was unlawful.

The court ruled that it was wrong for councils to charge anything extra over and above the fine they had imposed. This will create an interesting precedent up and down the country. I’ll be interested to see whether, with more and more councils making it more or less compulsory to pay by credit card for parking, whether card charges are passed on.

But spare a thought for poor the poor London Boroughs. They have to make all the cash they can to pay for the hundreds of bureaucrats to police the system.

Boris Johnson recently commented that the Roman Empire was run by just 500 full time consuls, from here to Turkey. India at the time of the Raj apparently employed just a hundred full time civil servants to run their system, whilst the London Borough of Islington employs over six hundred to run its parking function.

Nice work if you can get it.


One Response to Nice work if you can get it

  1. randy says:

    Something you should read …

    Harriet Harman’s Lies About Rape Exposed Today



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