Autocue – another new experience

KL DVD Shoot

One of the roles I took some years ago at KCC was that of Member Champion for Equality and Diversity.  On occasion, I only have to say those words for eyebrows to raise and all kinds of sniggering and ‘double entendres’ to prevail.  But you know, this really isn’t rocket science.  Equality and diversity is about two things; it’s about making sure that the services we deliver are accessible to everyone, and that our workforce is drawn from the widest possible talent pool, irrespective of age, gender, disability, sexuality or ethnicity.  It’s very simple.

This week, I was asked to endorse these sentiments on a new DVD which KCC will use to set out its stall for new staff and members.  We filmed at Courtyard Studios in Hollingbourne – winner of the Best Business from Creative Industries at this year’s Kent Excellence in Business Awards.  But the first for me was using autocue – a rolling script appearing in reflection on a glass pane in front of the camera.  I’m used to speaking impromtu to camera, but somehow was really nervous about using this technology for the first time.

As it turned out, my fears were unfounded.  The shoot went really well and the production team from Lavender Blue Media were consummate professionals.  An hour in front of the camera seemed to fly past in minutes and I drove away with another new experience under my belt!


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