Men cannot be trusted to run things on their own

We can all breathe a sigh of relief.  Not because Gordon Brown is away on his holidays, but because he thoughtfully has left the country in safe hands.  Deputy Leader Harriet Harman is at the wheel.

And what a splendid start she’s made.  If only she’d held the keys to Number 10 ages ago, we could have avoided this pesky recession.  It’s so obvious – apparently if Lehman Brothers, the US investment bank whose collapse sparked off the slide – had been called Lehman Sisters, the problem would never have happened.  It’s the men, you see.  Those grey suited testosterone-filled oligarchs who bring the playground into the boardrom at every meeting.

To be fair La Harman, interviewed on GMTV yesterday admitted it wasn’t her that said this, but having used the quotation she then went on to reinforce the sentiment by saying that “…half the financial services industry is women now” and that “…women make up half the workforce of insurance companies and banks.”.  Curiously, she then added that “…men must never again dominate the Labour Party’s top jobs, because men cannot be trusted to run things on their own.”

I keep telling myself that Harriet could not possibly have been recruited by David Cameron to achieve Conservative world domination from inside Labour’s inner circle, but it’s increasingly difficult to argue.

And what a flash of inspiration on Gordon Brown’s part to appoint Ms Harman as Equalities Minister…


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