The day the water died

Returning home to Lamberhurst on Thursday evening, I was met with a torrent of water flowing down the hill into Lamberhurst village.  As I drove further up the hill to Lamberhurst Down, I realised that the flood was emanating from the road outside my house!

It appeared that a previous repair to the water main had failed again, pumping thousands of litres of clean water down the road.  I was unable to park my car on my drive, which was obstructed by a mini digger whose operator dozed silently in the sun.  When he woke, he told me the pump which sat on my drive was turned off because they had “run out of petrol”.  I was going out an hour or so later, and was a little cross because there was predictably no water from my taps.  No shower, no kettle, not even a shave.

The team of three – subcontracted by the water company – repaired the fault during the course of the evening.  By the time I returned home though, they had left.  But in their place, my grass verge was wrecked – the Grasscrete blocks it had taken me a hot summer’s afternoon to lay were ripped up, along with the kerbing I had set in place to stop drivers parking up on the grass.

No note, no apology – just another afternoon’s work putting right the damage these ‘professionals’ had done.

And what’s the bet our water rates won’t reflect the day we didn’t get any service?


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