And we worried about low forties!

Congratulations go to Peter Cook and David Wootton who have been elected as the Lay and Aldermanic Sheriffs for the City of London for the coming year. Both will be ceremonially confirmed in post on 25th September.

It’s a great honour to be selected for this office, representing the history and culture of our great City.

But having recently come through our own county elections in Kent, I was struck by the voter data. Peter Cook polled 1199 whilst David Wootton polled 1711. A third candidate, Timothy Oliver attracted 689 votes.

But it was the turnout which caught my eye – just 7.49%.

And we worried in June about low forties!


One Response to And we worried about low forties!

  1. thelocalgovernmentofficer says:

    If you hold an election with no facility for postal or proxy votes, and with an electorate which is spread around the world (the Shrieval electorate is the membership of the livery companies, not the residents and businesses of the City of London) then a low turnout seems inevitable.

    The fairest comparison is probably the process of electing the Chancellor and Professor of Poetry at the University of Oxford. I don’t know what sort of turnout they attract but I bet it’s of a similar order.

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