Small Post Offices – another death blow

I visited a small rural Kent Post Office yesterday. It opened for business just a couple of weeks ago and is already providing a vital service within its community.

However, in talking to the Postmaster, I discovered an interesting fact. One of the most profitable transactions in a Post Office is taxing a car – the profit is apparently £8.50 each time.

Yet this new Post Office facility, like all other new applications for Post Offices, is not allowed to sell Car Tax.

Because the DVLA wants to encourage people to tax their vehicles online – thereby keeping the £8.50 for itself.

And putting one more nail in the coffin of small rural Post Offices.

Ironically, my discovery was made on the same day that Peter Luff MP, the Government’s Business and Enterprise Committee, through his committee’s report “Post Offices – Securing Their Future”, demanded that the Government should back Post Offices.

Just not small Post Offices.


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