Green or brown? Bin or box? Decisions, decisions

A friend recently told me about his local council kindly dropping off a plastic crate in his garden. Not just any plastic crate, you understand, but a green plastic crate. He already had a green plastic crate, but this was different in both size and shape.

And in purpose too. For this was his ‘kerbside recycling box’ for cans and plastics. But not all plastics.

So now he has two wheelie bins – one brown and one green, and two boxes – both green.  He rehearsed with me the new rules.

He should put his green waste in the bin that wasn’t green, and his non-green waste in the bin that was.  He put his paper and card in the green crate, but definitely not plastic or cans – they had to go in the green crate that looked newer than the other green crate. He was encouraged to squash his cans, but not to squash aerosol cans (a handy tip) and plastic bottles, but not “other plastic containers” (how about plastic tubes, he asked?) And he should never put the lids from plastic bottles in the newer green crate. They should go – obviously – in the green wheelie bin. Of course.

Great system.  Except he’s colour blind with browns and greens, and couldn’t see any difference anyway…


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