What a ridiculously obstructive system

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday afternoon who pointed out his son’s old car on the drive.  “It wouldn’t get through its MOT” he said “without a load of cash spent on it, so we decided to scrap it.”

He went on to tell me that a friend of his wanted the number plate, as its letter and number prefix matched the model of a car he’d just bought.  It simply needed an £80 transfer fee to the DVLA to swap plates across from the car to be scrapped.  Apparently though, it’s not quite as simple as this – it never is, is it?

The car going for scrap must have a valid tax disk before its plates can be transferred.  To get a valid tax disk there must be a current MOT and current insurance.  So my friend is back where he started.

I can’t believe our system is really so ridiculously obstructive.  Won’t someone out there please tell there’s a method by which plates can be transferred from scrap vehicles?


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