Michael Jackson – a consummate legend

Unbelievable.  Still can’t quite take it in.  At the age of 50 Michael Jackson has died at the UCLA Hospital in Los Angeles.

Even watching the supposedly “balanced” coverage on BBC News 24, there’s the usual rubbish content to fill the time slot.  From musicians and show business “acquantainces” with clearly very little knowledge of Michael Jackson, to Baptist Minister and civil activist Reverend Al Sharpton who knew him for decades, the coverage has been variable to say the least.

Inevitably, they showed still shots of the facial close ups, commenting on his ‘facial surgery’, as well as moving footage of him holding his baby over the German hotel balcony.  All cheap and unnecessary.  All to fill the time while the real facts come in.  Much of the early coverage seemed to be from the LA Times which first broke the story.  To read their coverage, click this link.

For me, the abiding memory was during his “Bad” tour almost twenty years ago, when you couldn’t get tickets for love nor money, but a friend of mine living in Madrid and working in the music business got tickets for the show at the Arturo Stadium.  It was smaller than the London venues; it was more intimate, it was spellbinding.

He was a consummate legend, and to quote Reverend Al Sharpton, “Let’s hope that history is kinder to him than the contemporary media have been.”


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