Backing Kent Business with Invicta Chamber of Commerce

I was invited to go along to the Ashford International Hotel yesterday, by Jo James of the Invicta Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber held a business to business exhibition at the hotel and – perversely given the recession – all 120 stall spaces were fully booked, with a waiting list of exhibitors who for space reasons were unable to get a pitch.

I was pleased that KCC had a stand for both its Kent Foundation for young people, and my “Backing Kent Business” campaign.

And after lunch, I was invited to speak and answer questions on the campaign and how KCC intended to be more business friendly.

Backing Kent Business can only succeed by working together across sectors. I feel fortunate to number the Invicta Chamber of Commerce among our partners in this.


One Response to Backing Kent Business with Invicta Chamber of Commerce

  1. Nettie Bunn says:

    Dear Mr Lynes.
    I attended the lunch at the Invicta Chamber B2B, and have to admit ‘waited to endure the speaker’!. However I soon realised that your sentiments, and what you are trying to achieve are just what businesses generally need, and I found it refreshing to find somebody in a position to help to make this happen, taking the opportunity to do just that.
    However it also inspired me to write this to you, something I NEVER, usually do,as I’ve thought about what you said since then, and discussed it within others, to ask the question, what does a Business Development Manger, like myself, with predominantly a background in banking, developing business and sales, need to do to work within a department like yours, to be part of a team to drive this.
    I look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Yours sincerely
    Nettie Bunn

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