Open at last – our Sandhurst crossing!

Sandhurst Crossing opening

On Tuesday morning, I drove to County Hall via Sandhurst Road to meet with some of my friends and formally ‘open’ our new pedestrian crossing.  Lynn Martindale and her guide dog Ellie; representatives from St Philip’s Church; Keith Marden and a contingent from Sherwood Park Primary School; Jenny Bays and her daughter and PC Liz Wadey all took time out of their day to ‘test’ our new crossing.  Looking like a crowded version of the Beatles “Abbey Road” album cover, we crossed the road again and again whilst local residents and the Courier newspaper took photos to mark the event.  Thank goodness Liz Wadey was there to bring some order to confused drivers seeing the same people going back and forth!

There really should be a vote of thanks to Kent Highways Services, whose contractors managed to put the crossing in a week ahead of schedule.  The belisha beacons, the high friction surfacing, the white lines and the crossing itself are all now installed and working perfectly.

The only sadness for me on this morning of celebration was that alongside myself and Lynne, Borough Councillor Frank Williams had to work and couldn’t be with us.  Frank really picked up Lynne’s early protestations and started to lobby, bringing the issue to my attention to lobby in turn Kent Highways.  Sherwood is really lucky to have such a dedicated and committed Borough Councillor, as we found from comments on the doorsteps during the County campaign.


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  1. […] recall the successful campaign we fought last year to get a pedestrian crossing on Sandhurst Road (see “Open at Last – our Sandhurst Crossing”, July 12th).  But whilst it was great to finally make this road safer for pedestrians, we wanted another […]

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