Pretty clear voting intention there then

Election DogI began Election Day last Thursday by taking a telling slot at St Philip’s Church in Sherwood.

Tellers, for those who haven’t done it before, are those people who approach you as you enter the polling station to ask “Excuse me – may I have your number please?”.

Most people are polite and helpful.  Some – like one young man last week when asked by the UKIP candidate for a number, replied “Three”.  What we’re trying to do is find out which of our pledges have voted, then chase any who didn’t towards the end of polling day.

Sometimes it’s almost impossible to get an idea which party each person will support.  But with one Sherwood resident, it was pretty obvious.  She walked her bull terrier down almost to the steps to the Polling Station, and tied its rope – yes, rope – to the railings.

As it growled long and low, the UKIP candidate looked quite alarmed.  “He does that” said his owner, as she went in to cast her vote.  I didn’t have to guess her voting intention – I just looked at the big blue bow tied to his rope collar…


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