Just tick boxes in a process

I was staggered to learn recently that none of the residents of Blackhurst Lane and Sandown Road had attended the public meetings for the new Tunbridge Wells Academy – simply because KCC’s consultants who had, I understand been paid to distribute an invitation to them, had failed to do so.

Now I read in this week’s Courier of the residents of Warwick Park in Tunbridge Wells, who awoke to find contractors had sawn down all the mature trees which screened and soundproofed their homes from the railway line.

Network Rail wrote a letter of invitation to a public meeting last March, but sadly didn’t deliver them to the residents.

Of course, in the first case, we can organise another consultation for the Academy. In the second, Network Rail can’t put the trees back.

When are people going to start being treated with respect, rather than just tick boxes in a process?


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