Another small problem resolved?

Blackhurst Lane Sports Centre sign

It’s taken a while to sort this one out, but finally we have signs outside the Sencio sports centre on Blackhurst Lane, directing users of that facility to park on the school site.  Local residents were justifiably angry that whenever there were team sports at the centre, every team member would arrive in another car, all parking down Blackhurst Lane and blocking off half the road.

On several occasions in recent weeks, the lane has been all but shut off, and three weeks ago the cars even parked across the entrance to Badgers Holt, leading to the police being called to unblock the access.

It’s only a start, but working alongside my KCC education colleagues, I agreed with the head teacher that sports centre users could park on the school site, and last week KCC installed signs advising that this is the case.  Of course, if the problem persists we’ll need to call in the Borough Council parking wardens, but for the time being at least, it’s another small problem resolved.


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