Far too little, far too late

So in just 35 seconds today, closing with “…and that is all I have to say on the matter”, Michael Martin announced his resignation as Speaker of the House of Commons.

His spokewoman also announced that he intended to step down from his Glasgow seat at the next election.

Whether or not one agrees that he was at fault is not really the issue. The far greater concern is the complete and utter lack of faith which the public now has in their elected representatives.

And yes, I did say ‘elected representatives’ – at every level, MP and Councillor.

Because what the Commons has done in just a week is to turn many of the public against the democratic process, so out on the doorsteps just a fortnight ahead of the local elections, we’re beginning to see more people refusing even to cast their vote, on the basis that “you’re all the same”.

So whilst it’s entirely appropriate that Michael Martin steps down, like much of what Labour does, it’s far too little, far too late.


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