Mysteriously drawn to this dreadful system

As I arrived at County Hall this morning and walked through Corporate Communications, I noticed the television showing BBC News 24 had an interview with Michael Gove MP who joined the long queue of MPs decrying the ‘system’ which so compellingly forced them to claim loads of public cash.

In Mr Gove’s case, the Daily Telegraph reports that he firstly used £7000 of our money furnishing his London flat, then claimed £13,000 in moving costs to his Surrey home.  He was apparently moving between these properties when he used £500 of public money staying one night in a hotel.

Before the end of this week of course, the Liberal Democrats will join the fray – doubtless also claiming they were mysteriously drawn to this dreadful system.  The point is of course, that all this succeeds in doing – just three weeks before the local elections – is to induce more people to stay away from the polling station.


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