What then, Mr Brown?

Well done Gordon – another cracker of a speech at the University of Greenwich yesterday.  “No more toleration of second best in Britain” the man said, as he quoted the mottos of his fine new academies.

He wanted to “confront head on” popular assertions – one of which was that “…there’s no point in educating everyone as far as their talents will take them”.  He proudly announced the expansion of the Gifted and Talented Learning Programme – giving “…a million of our most talented children the opportunity to benefit from special and stretching tuition.”

And – best of all this – he wants to see “a Britain where every family has the right to participate in the education of their child and is encouraged with every chance to do so.”

So my question Mr Brown, is what if those parents you’ve just empowered want a grammar school education for their child?  What if their view is that selective education is the best way to take their child “as far as their talents will take them”?

What then, Mr Brown?


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