£30,000 windfall for safety on Sandhurst Road? Hand It Back!

As we discussed Highway Improvement Schemes at Monday evening’s Joint Transportation Board, I saw, buried in the papers the text:

“…If TWBC (the Borough Council) decides traffic calming measures not required at Sandhurst Park, then within six months of the last occupation of the residential unit, £30,000 plus interest to be handed back to the developer.”

Are they mad? A developer gives the Borough Council thirty thousand pounds for traffic calming measures, and we’re about to hand it back?!

When we got to this item, I was amazed that nobody but myself and Sherwood Borough Councillor Frank Williams wanted to raise this.  Through the Chairman Councillor Ron Weeden, I asked that KCC Highways officers urgently undertake an options appraisal, which should be brought back to the next meeting.

This was agreed, but it really shouldn’t have come to this…


3 Responses to £30,000 windfall for safety on Sandhurst Road? Hand It Back!

  1. Steve says:

    The £30k would go a long way to resurfacing Sandhurst Road which have got some of the worse potholes and ruts and sunken manholes in the town.


  2. Steve says:

    In fairness, they say Sandhurst Park… and you have been campaigning for Sandhurst Road. I’m referring to the condition of Sandhurst Road

  3. Ian says:

    Why would Sandhurst Park need traffic claming? I live there and see no need for it.

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