Colts Hill bypass – it’s totally beyond me

I’m told there was another serious road traffic accident at Colts Hill this afternoon.  The air ambulance, four fire engines and seven police cars – with all the attendant misery, delays and cost to the public purse.

This can’t continue.  I saw Charles McKonochie at the Joint Transportation Board on Monday evening – Charles is the Chairman of the Colts Hill Residents’ Association.  As I’ve said before at KCC Cabinet meetings, this is the only residents’ association I know where its members are first aid trained; where they all have sandbags and brooms in their front gardens ready fto clean up after the next accident; and where behind every front door hangs a floursecent tabard.

We first presented a Colts Hill Bypass to Government almost a decade ago – back then the cost was around ten million pounds.  Ten years on, and the costs have more than doubled as each year the scheme is refused again by this Labour Government.  We thought we came close a couple of years ago, but no.  The funding went on rebuilding a road on the Isle of Wight which had fallen into the sea.

It’s totally beyond me that Government can sanction three quarters of a billion pounds for the most ground breaking hospital in Europe, but restrict access to it by refusing a fraction of that to build a sensible road between Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells.


One Response to Colts Hill bypass – it’s totally beyond me

  1. to whom it may concern;

    can you please give me a follow up of a motor vehicle accident that happened there April 22.. A good friend of mine died there….Her name was Anne Georgina, aka Kiki….It would be appreciated, ty.


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