HMP – Her Majesty’s Polling Station?

I see that Jack Straw’s Ministry of Justice is considering giving the vote to those detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

The story appears to be that the European Court of Human Rights considers Britain to be among the worst nation in Europe for democratic accessibility.

I have some concerns here though. How do those of us who are democratically elected, make contact with this new electorate? Will we need a Visiting Order to go canvassing? And does this mean we’ll see incarcerated political candidates now? And how will they canvass their electorat from behind bars, whilst the rest of us are out knocking doors?

Clearly this is unworkable, and yet another example of half-baked Labour ideas in its final death throes.

Or might it be a way for the ever more desperate Labour party to tap into a wave of potential new voters?

And if so, how sad and corrupt is that?


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