A bowler first, and a batsman later

Last week I wrote a posting called “Are we human or are we councillor” as a result of reading the excellent blog “The Local Government Officer”.  It asked why that blog site had one list of blog sites headed “Councillors” and another headed “Politicians” – aren’t many councillors also politicians?

Well, my posting has had a huge amount of interest.  But nowhere near the interest, I suspect, that the excellent piece “Local Government Is A Lot Like Cricket” will attract.

Do yourself a favour – read the piece.  It’s innovative, insightful, and witty.

And I’d love to know where this particular Local Government Officer worked, because his summation of Sandy Bruce-Lockhart as “a bowler first, and a batsman later” is spot on (read the piece and you’ll understand).

Bowler or batsman, it was real honour to serve on his team for a while.


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