Green custard – who remembers the reason?

I realise it’s somewhat fashionable to dislike Peter Mandelson, and goodness knows his personality hardly endears him to many people.  But I don’t feel it was either fair or clever of Leila Deen, anti third runway protester, to throw green custard at him during last week.

Ms Deen – who likened herself to a Suffragette – is a member of an organisation called “Plane Stupid” (an appropriate name?) and commented that “the only green thing about Peter Mandelson is the slime coursing through his veins.”  But you know what? Although many will remember the green custard, I bet hardly anyone will remember what the protest was for.  And isn’t that really the point?

I’m no fan of Lord Mandelson, but as an ex-Northern Ireland Secretary, for someone to throw anything in his face must have been a terrifying experience – as John Prescott said, it could have been acid.

There’s always a more effective way to make your point than personal assaults against politicians.

And the fact that Lord Mandelson didn’t press charges and carefully explained why Ms Deen was misguided in her protest simply served to make Ms Deen look even more daft.


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