Very kind and heartfelt words

I really must thank Father Ed Tomlinson of St Barnabas Church in Quarry Road for the kind words on his blogsite, “The Saint Barnabas’ Blog”:

“Our thanks must go to superstar of the moment- County Councillor Kevin Lynes. Since joining the ‘S. Barnabas Community Centre’ steering committee (aimed at transforming our tired parish hall into a thriving resource for local people), Kevin has worked tirelessly on our behalf.

“Not only has he been instrumental in the removal of this eye sore, he has raised funds for the school, organised a trip to county Hall for local children, introduced me to useful contacts within local government and offered much help and expertise with the plans to build our community centre.

“It is not often that priests endorse those running for political office, but I have no hesitation in stating my hope that Kevin is elected to office for the S. James’ ward this coming June. After years of neglect and inactivity- this community desperately needs a sincere man of action who can deliver on promises.

“So I hope he gets in…that I may continue to work with him for the good of this vibrant, but often forgotten community. “

Very kind and heartfelt words, and hugely appreciated, Father Ed.  Let’s just hope that the removal of the toilet block provides a catalyst for yet more positive action and outcomes for St James’ ward generally, and its oft-forgotten parish of St Barnabas in particular.


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