TN2 in Sherwood – so welcoming, so worthwhile

We went out today delivering survey canvass forms in St James, and had several residents stop us and chat about how they’re pleased someone’s finally taking an interest in the area and its residents.

We finished for the day around mid afternoon and before my Cabinet colleague and I drove back to County Hall, I offered to buy lunch.  We went to TN2 Community Centre on Greggs Wood Road in Sherwood, and found the place buzzing.  There had been a fund-raising pancake toss in the morning, and predictably I got caught for a donation!

But there were so many local residents there – little ones driving their bikes and play cars around, older residents just having a cuppa and a chat.  The library manager told me with real pride that numbers were up; both in those joining and in the numbers of books borrowed.  “Not a huge amount” he told me “but it’s going in the right direction.”

It took a while to eat my sausage and bacon sandwiches, as so many people wanted to chat.  I was even taken down to look around the YMCA Horizons Project, which trains some of the more hard-to-reach young people the plumbing trade.

This afternoon, I’d rarely felt so welcome, or so proud, or so absolutely convinced that the long struggle to win the funding for TN2 had all been worthwhile.


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