What amazes me is that you have to ask

Fascinating.  As the Conservative administration heads into the week in which we present our proposed budget for the approval of full Council on Thursday, Kent County Council’s Labour Leader, Dr Eddy writes in this week’s Kent on Sunday (“Pay Rise Questionnaire”, letters p.61) that:

“…we are asking people to fill in an online questionnaire to understand how staff and the public feel and to guide us as we decide the best approach to take at the Budget meeting on February 19.”

Ummm… tough one.  Perhaps I can help?  When I wrote a blog (“KCC: The Budget Build Over For Another Year”, January 10) I received two comments: the first told me how “…I’m sure the staff of KCC will be thrilled to try and fund their 2.85% council tax increase from their 1% pay increase, especially added to the paultry amount you gave them last year.”

The second comment responded to the first: “…last year my employers were not able to give a pay rise, and the New Year has brought a new wave of redundancies, including myself.

It seems that public sector workers always make headlines with their ‘poor’ rewards, but right now I’d welcome a job, and would be truely ecstatic with a one percent increase…”

If it helps, Dr Eddy, take a look at the comments to the article “Staff could strike over KCC pay offer” at Kent Online.

What amazes me, Dr Eddy, is that you have to ask.

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