Another nail in the coffin of local democracy

You know, of all the things which County Councillors do to help local residents, fighting to help their children get into the right school has to be the most important.

When a parent applies for a school for their child, sometimes they get turned down for any one of a number of reasons. But there’s an appeal process and that’s when parents call their County Councillor.

But a couple of years ago, the Government started to change the rules. First we couldn’t represent parents; then we were allowed to as a ‘friend of the family’.

Now, the goalposts have moved again. Now, Government has decided that elected Councillors can’t fight a child’s case for any school administered by the local authority. Why? Because it would apparently be a ‘conflict of interest’.

But if school admissions appeals present a conflict of interest, why isn’t there a similar conflict over social services; over libraries; over highways; over street lighting?

Because it’s another ill-conceived, poorly thought out, blinkered piece of Labour bureaucracy which drives another nail in the coffin of local democracy. Shame on you, government.

One Response to Another nail in the coffin of local democracy

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