British Jobs for British Workers

Smart move Gordon.  Steal a phrase from the British National Party, then don’t deliver anyway.  I was fascinated to hear Diane Abbott MP on “This Week” with Andrew Neill and Michael Portillo last night.

Talking to Billy Bragg – ‘Songwriter and Activist’, about this week’s strikes by workers in Plymouth, Fife and Lindsey in Lincolnshire, Ms Abbott made the point that whereas Labour were claiming that the big construction projects were bringing jobs and cash to their local community, the truth was somewhat different.

It seems that the number of jobs which the Newham Olympic Park had truly brought to local Newham residents was “derisory”.

However, this Government managed to get around this by creating “hostels” to house the Eastern European workforce in the Borough of Newham, then changing the rules so that residents of these hostels can immediately be counted as Newham residents.

British Jobs for British Workers. Yeah – right on Gordon.


One Response to British Jobs for British Workers

  1. “British Jobs for British Workers” was the most ridiculous phrase Brown has used in a long time. It’s worrying that no one thought to tell him how bad a move that actually was.
    Not only does it sound horribly like a BNP statement, it’s also encouraging protectionism.
    What a mess!

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