Private Eye and the Margate Bloggerati

rotten-boroughsI see that once again, Kent County Council has made it into Private Eye.  This time it’s a “Rotten Boroughs” story about a track worker from Thanet called Tony Flaig.  Tony is one of the Margate ‘bloggerati’ who spend much of their time criticising both Thanet District Council and KCC.

You can access Tony’s site from my blogroll on the right.

Over the months, Tony’s had a gentle dig at most of us, but for the most part it’s all in good heart – you’ll notice my blog address is third down his blogroll list. Well, Tony has had quite a few goes at Kent TV since last September.  Whilst KCC is used to this from time to time, there’s no reason why Ten Alps, the provider of Kent TV and in the ownership of Bob Geldof, took Tony’s accusations seriously as there is clearly an issue of commercial reputation.  And there the problem began.

Is there a moral to this story? Of course.  Freedom of speech has it’s consequences, and doubtless Tony (who although I’ve never met him in person, has always been fair to me) is over the moon that he’s made it into Private Eye!


One Response to Private Eye and the Margate Bloggerati

  1. tony says:

    A balanced view, for which I thank you. The Bob Geldoff element is something I wished to play down or even avoid in my blog, which I think I did to the greater extent, a professional journalist wrote the Private Eye piece.

    However from my perspective, there were elements that needed airing, I hope that Kent’s contractor for Kent TV accept that my comments were aimed at what was described as a Kent Council “Project” in a political context.

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