Communication Based on Fact

It’s only last year that local Liberal Democrats sent out a newsletter claiming that crime was on the rise in the area.  Totally incorrect, and dangerous misinformation that simply serves to worry and frighten local residents – particularly the elderly and vulnerable.

The latest newsletter around Sherwood peddles all the usual misinformation – the “appalling state” of the roads, the worsening local bus services – and claims to have supported the Sandhurst Road crossing scheme “from the outset”.  Unsurprising then, that this morning a local resident emailed me to say:

Have you seen the blurb being put through doors?Cllr Neve claims Sherwood buses stop at 5pm, send him a time table … …Mind you there are other things you could drive a coach and horses through!

Several locals have commented that these newsletters – in Sherwood, Pembury and even St James – seem a bit rushed, and don’t really relate to local concerns.  We can but hope that the next one might actually be based on fact.


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