Parking in Woodhill Park – unfair to residents

During the last couple of weeks, I’ve been contacted almost every day by residents of Woodhill Park about the contractors’ cars from the site of the new hospital.  I’m told they’re blocking driveways and making it impossible for residents to move their cars.

Rumours abound on this issue; I’m told Notcutts have allowed these cars to park in their car park, but others have mentioned a four pound ‘charge’; some have told me that a temporary Park and Ride has been set up on the industrial estate opposite the waste tip; others point to the traffic delays in getting to this facility.

Whatever the truth is and however much we appreciate the progress on the new hospital, Woodhill Park residents don’t deserve to have their road obstructed in this way.  I hear the Parish Council are talking to the police, and I’m sure this will establish whether anyone’s actually breaking the law here.

I’ve had one or two ideas of my own and will be writing some letters this coming week, but in the meantime if you’d like to tell me how this issue affects you, or if you have any suggestions as to how we might resolve this problem, please contact me.


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