Lower Green Road – let’s push for a crossing

I’ve had an email from a Bulls Place resident, asking me to look at pedestrian safety along Lower Green Road.  She makes a very valid point, that from the Bulls Place walkway emerges on to Lower Green Road at a point where there is no footpath for several hundred yards.

For school children, the elderly and young mums particularly, it makes it very difficult to access the primary school, nursery, recreation ground, and doctor’s surgery.  When I was campaigning for a replacement to Margaret Coverley as lollipop lady at Pembury Primary School, some of the governors asked me to make sure we had a zebra crossing as well as a new crossing person.  But perverse though it may seem, our success in finding a new lollipop lady has actually weakened our case for a zebra crossing at this point.  And surveys show that the presence of a black and white crossing point alone doesn’t always stop drivers – several children have been injured by cars while they crossed.

But I can well see the case for a crossing elsewhere along Lower Green Road.  With the success we’ve had with a Sandhurst Road crossing in Sherwood, anything’s possible.

I’m happy to start up a campaign if local residents want to join me.  If you feel passionate about this, send your details to kevin.lynes@kent.gov.uk and we’ll start lobbying Kent Highways for a proper site inspection.


2 Responses to Lower Green Road – let’s push for a crossing

  1. sparkyboi says:

    I’m not sure how is it over there but in Singapore, we have very strict traffic rules and regulations.

    When there’s a zebra crossing or a green man pedestrian crossing, vehicles are expected to stop for people to cross the road. In some areas where there are schools, there will be signboards and road markers cautioning the drivers to watch out for school kids. Also there will be yellow flashing lights placed 100 meters away from the zebra crossing and pedestrian crossing to warn cars to “prepare to stop”.

    In some more busy districts in Singapore, there are security cameras placed above traffic lights to monitor cars who beat the traffic lights or didn’t observe traffic regulations. It serves also to monitor traffic conditions and also helps to record scenes if there is a terrorist attack.

  2. Steve says:

    I would like to see a raised crossing at this point of Lower Green Road, it would slow down the traffic as well as making it easier for people to cross safely.


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