How can you supervise your kids if you’re not there?

I turned on the breakfast news this morning to hear that Sir Liam Donaldson, the Government’s Chief Medical Officer, has announced new guidance for parents on alcohol consumption for young people.

It seems that between 15 and 17, young people should only drink if supervised by parents or carers and only in a controlled environment, and then only on one day each week.  Under fifteen years of age, they should consume no alcohol whatsoever.

Isn’t this Government missing the point yet again?  Just walk around most town centres or kid’s playgrounds on a Friday or Saturday evening.  More often than not you’ll see groups of young people with their alcopops or cans of lager, bored senseless and getting progressively louder and more daring with every swig.

Sir Liam, if they had parents who were there to supervise their alcohol intake, they wouldn’t be drinking on a kid’s swing in the first place.


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