Cannabis Law is Potty

Back in 2004 the then Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett fought to reclassify Cannabis as a Class C drug – bringing it into the same kind of league as bodybuilding steroids. There was a huge outcry at the time, but the Government pushed the law through.

Five years later, and under Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, cannabis is now being reclassified back up to a Class B drug.

So those who have for five years used the drug for pain relief purposes without fear of arrest and prosecution now have to listen out for every knock on the door?

Er, no actually. Because the Government have suggested that if caught with the was-illegal-then-wasn’t-now-is-again substance, offenders should be issued with a ruddy good Penalty Notice. If they offend again they should get a jolly stiff fine – £80. Except not even that is clear. It won’t be debated until Wednesday…

isn’t it the case that this country needs a Government which thinks more carefully before making laws, then sticks to the laws they’ve made for longer than sixty months?

And if Blunkett’s sentencing for possession was reasonable enough five years ago, why isn’t it reasonable enough for Smith now?


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