Sad really isn’t it


I mentioned this weekend the fact that EDF had turned up on Saturday to pull out the underground cable which represented the last apparent obstacle to demolishing the unsightly toilet block.  I was very surprised to see the following entry today on the blog site of Father Edward Tomlinson from St Barnabas’ Church, on whose land the toilets stand:

At last!! It seems things are moving and, after 5 slow years, the grotty loos are about to be pulled down! Thanks to Kevin lynes who has worked hard behind the scenes to stop the council dragging their heels any longer. Let us hope Kevin is successful in his election campaign-as we so desperately need somebody of action to champion this oft forgotten corner of town.

Thank you to Father Ed for those kind words.  I’ll keep chasing the Borough Council until we get this eyesore taken away.

But remember – you saw it here first.  Just wanted you to know that in case a newsletter comes through your door claiming that someone else “was always in support of this” or “has lobbied long and hard to achieve this” or “worked tirelessly for local residents to make this happen”.

Sad really isn’t it…


One Response to Sad really isn’t it

  1. Father Ed says:

    Just to inform you that the land actually belongs to the council itself! But thank you for the fantastic work

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