The European Union – when will the madness end?

The latest EU madness concerns a change to the Common Fisheries Policy, which it seems will now be extended to recreational fishermen.

What does this mean? It means that if you spend a quiet couple of hours on a Sunday dangling a rod off Hastings Pier, not only will you now need a licence, but the fish you take home for tea must be painstakingly entered onto an official report, but it must also be counted towards Britain’s EU fishing quota.

The irony of course, is that it was ridiculous, jingoistic EU legislation that put thousands of this country’s sea fishermen out of business. Many of them now eke out a living hiring their boats to groups of private fishermen for fishing trips. This new legislation seems set to choke off that market too now, putting them out of work for a second time.

The last I heard, the UK’s subscription to the EU was costing in the region of £16,000,000 each and every day – how many hospitals, schools and roads could we build for that?

And when is this country going to wake up and walk away from this over-bureacratic nonsense that is the European Union?


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