It’s great to be appreciated

I was somewhat surprised to see an incoming link from “Saint Raymond of Penyafort”.  On checking, I found it was a blog posting from Father Ed Tomlinson of St Barnabas Church in St James’ ward.  It transpires that the Feast of St Raymond also coincided with Fr Ed’s birthday.  In his posting, he looks at the life of S. Raymond and talks about how he spent his birthday, but to my surprise, he ends with the following:

Oh and do visit the blog of Kevin Lynes, who is standing as our local County Councillor, who has written an excellent article on the toilet block and graffiti! He has pledged to help move things forward. I really do hope he is elected as he is proving a very good friend to both church and community and is a man who certainly seems to ‘gets things done’. Something very much needed in this locality.

Truly kind words.  I’ve tried hard to bring some real hard outcomes for the residents of St James; some of them have worked – new street lights on Albion Road and at the bottom of Camden Road, some footpath and road repairs and improvements (but nothing like enough), a stronger engagement between the County Council and St Barnabas’ Primary School, and my place around the table of the St Barnabas’ Community Centre Steering Group.

Much remains outstanding; that dreadful toilet block outside St Barnabas’ Church; the accident waiting to happen at the corner of St James’ Road and Sandrock Road, and many other issues.

But thanks and Happy Birthday Father Ed – now and then it’s great to be appreciated.


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