Where are this Government’s real-world solutions?

The piece might well have shown that the recession had bitten harder in Hastings than in “so-called affluent” Tunbridge Wells.  Yet as the discussion progressed, it soon became that we’re all in the same boat.  Indeed, Simon Hume-Kendall made the point that “on the High Street, things are very bleak indeed for the most part” with shops closing down alongside those which have already shut their doors; decent people who trusted the Government’s “no more boom and bust” promise now feeling “very very sore and betrayed by this Government”.

He kindly cited Kent County Council’s “Backing Kent Business” campaign as an example of practical help, but called on the banks to start lending again, but said the County Council “was doing as much as it possibly can already”.

As Chairman of Tunbridge Wells Conservative Association, you’d expect Simon Hume-Kendal to be somewhat partisan, but his views are echoed from many other voices in the business community.

Let’s just hope that, having ploughed billions of taxpayers’ cash into banks which now seem unwilling to lend it out again to jump-start our economy, our Government will find some real-world solutions soon.

(picture from BBC iPlayer)

(picture from BBC iPlayer)

Yesterday’s Politics Show on the BBC featured a studio interview by Paul Siegert between Matthew Lock, St Helen’s Ward Councillor at Hastings Borough Council; Bill Orton of Orton’s Butchers in Norman Road, St Leonard’s and the Chairman of St Leonard’s Business Association, and our own Simon Hume-Kendall of Tunbridge Wells, recently voted “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the West Kent Chamber of Commerce.


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