You’ll have to do better than this!

Took a look recently at the latest ‘Focus’ newsletter sent round some of Pembury by the LibDems.  As we get closer to the elections in June, we’d be expecting them to really hit hard – talking about the things that really matter.  But this latest sad, tired little missive shows a real lack of imagination.

As you’d expect, there’s the usual attempt to confuse the resident; the stories veer from national, to Borough to County, without making the distinction clear.  In this case, they’re talking about a ‘hole in the Tory budget’ at the Borough Council – not mentioning of course the new £23m waste contract with Cory which saves £800,000 in the first year alone.  Usefully, the quote in this section is by failed Pembury LibDem candidate Jackie Prance, who lost because local residents didn’t know her from Nick Clegg.

There’s a story by David Neve, LibDem Borough Councillor for St James and failed County candidate – implying that roads are in a dreadful state in Pembury – actually there has been more maintenance and resurfacing work in Pembury than most other wards in the Borough! The truth is, statistically the worst roads are in St James ward – whose Borough Councillor for years has been? You guessed it – Cllr Neve.  The quote here is from Lorraine Braam – failed LibDem County candidate in 2001!

He also tells us that Pembury Primary School is to have a new lollipop lady – yet she started months ago! Always good to be well informed, and he is apparently ‘pleased that the situation has been resolved’.  We assume your thank you letter is in the post then, because we were told she applied as a result of the Conservative In Touch newsletter…

We hope the LibDems keep the newsletters coming – as a result, several local residents have already contacted the Pembury Conservative team to offer help with the June campaign.  You’ll have to do better than this!


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