Recession? Let’s Work Together

(photo of "Get Britain Working" event courtesy of KM Group

(photo of "Get Britain Working" event courtesy of KM Group

Last Wednesday, I was asked by Helen Grant, Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Maidstone to speak at the Russell Hotel.  The event was called “Get Britain Working” with Theresa May MP, Shadow Leader of the House of Commons.  The event attracted over a hundred and fifty business people, as well as local residents and Kent media.

Theresa May outlined Conservative Party plans to support business and individuals – a range of legislative changes which would make it easier to do business without constantly feeling hamstrung by red tape and burdened by new rules and inspection.

Helen Grant chaired the session really well, and Chris Garland, Leader of Maidstone Borough Council talked about I was able to explain the details of our new “Backing Kent Business Campaign” (for details click this link), and to suggest to Ms May some of the red tape that needs changing – why do we have to advertise all our contracts over £140,000 right across Europe? Why can’t we keep Kent taxpayers’ cash in the Kent economy?

There were some excellent questions from the audience, and some really valuable suggestions, many of which we’ve already begun to look at.  This kind of event is invaluable, because the only way we’re going to get through this recession and emerge stronger than we were before is by working together.

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