No more dog bones?

This morning’s news bulletins featured drop kerbs and residents’ parking. Apparently, the Local Government Association feel it’s a waste of time painting the white “dog bone” marking to prevent people parking across residents’ driveway access. They say that “it’s obvious” that you shouldn’t obstruct vehicle access, so why waste the money? Well, because without the road markings you’d simply have rows and fights every day outside every drive. It’s the markings that give residents an unarguable right.

I spent months trying to resolve a case for a resident in Sherwood who wanted the line painted across her drive. She lost count of the number of times she had to call in to work to say she would be late as yet another commuter or delivery driver had blocked her car in.

When we tried to resolve things, the Borough Council blamed the County Highways staff, who in turn blamed the Borough again, and the only person who suffered – for over eighteen months – was my resident.

The LGA’s pronouncement may be daft and unrealistic, but it’ll be months, even years, before it comes into force anyway.


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