Elton John – a New Year’s Eve to remember?

Years ago, I was a massive fan of Elton John. I well remember being part of the 80,000 crowd at the old Wembley Stadium on a blistering hot June 21st 1975 where Elton John topped a bill which included Chaka Khan, The Eagles and The Beach Boys.

So it was with some sadness that I watched Elton’s New Year’s Eve party last night from the O2 Centre in Docklands. All the classic hits, yes, but sung in a hoarse, rasping voice. “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” was interesting – the band sang the falsetto notes while Elton dropped an octave and took a lower harmony part.

And when the camera shot from behind the piano out into the auditorium, I could have sworn that next to the foldback speakers I saw an autocue monitor displaying the lyrics for him.

I really hope not – I want to remember Elton John as one of the best performers this country has ever turned out.


One Response to Elton John – a New Year’s Eve to remember?

  1. con101193 says:

    he uses an autocue for all of his concerts however he does not constantly stare at it , it is when he does some of his songs that he aint to confident about he looks at it. I mean try and remember over 300 songs (pretty hard).

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