The Internet – one of the last bastions of freedom?

I see from the news that Andy Burnham MP, he of the Manga-cartoon eyes and  Gordon Brown’s esteemed Culture Secretary for the time being, is calling for cinema style age ratings for web sites.  Indeed he’s allegedly ‘working with Barack Obama’s incoming administration’ to agree an international protocol.

This will apparently be voluntary and self-regulatory, and he wants IPs to offer child-safe services.

But hasn’t Mr Burnham somewhat missed the point? The World Wide Web is just that – world wide.  It transcends Governments – even that of the United States of America.  If someone wants to publish dodgy content, they’ll just do it from a different country.

So it’s a noble idea Mr Burnham, but maybe it needs a little more work.  And that’s even before you’ve encountered those who believe the Internet represents one of the last bastions of freedom, and shouldn’t be reined in anyway…

To read the story in The Telegraph – click the link here


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